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Into the Light

"If the opening three tracks of Clara Ponty's latest album don't seduce your ears, chances are they're not working properly. Ponty, daughter of Zappa/Mahavishnu violinist Jean-Luc, manages to dazzle and delight in equal measures across Taking Turns, Sunshine, and Like A Dandelion, all imbued with a mischievous sense of melody, swooping violins, jazzy piano and Ponty's own splendid voice. It's amazing to that, up until now (three largely instrumental albums veering between jazz and classical) Ponty has only ever used her voice as an instrumental foil." 

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"Anyone remotely familiar with my articles will know that I don’t write up anything I can’t describe as excellent and Clara Ponty’s no different – this is an exceptional talent whose latest album Into The Light could and should be the springboard to stellar stardom. 

"And so it was that on a quiet muggy Wednesday night I was hit out of the blue by a full-on genuine life-enhancing experience with stunning music and musicianship in the intimacy of The Pheasantry in the round. Due to an admin cock-up their end I ended up paying for my ticket and indeed my plus one’s (my old muso-mate Chris Wyatt) but I didn’t have the heart to try and get a refund because at a couple of dozen quid it was the best evening’s value I’ve had since I gave up downing bottles of Macallan Ten Year Old; possibly better even."


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"Excellent on the piano with tasteful effects and a sensitive interpretation, this artist achieves a delightful musical panorama, comforting and at the same time entertaining."

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