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Wed, 12/01/2004 - 00:00 - Review (Abstract Logix)

"You guessed it, the well noted violin master Jean-Luc Ponty has a daughter. A very beautiful and gifted one at that. Displaying Jazz, Classical and even New Age influences, Clara Ponty has created a compelling third album that reflects this young woman's natural gracefulness as well as her musical attributes both as a pianist and composer of considerable talent. Like Anoushka Shankar, Norah Jones and their father, Pandit Ravi Shankar, this album proves that indeed, the apple falls close to the tree."

Sun, 12/15/2002 - 00:00 - Review (Bombay Times)

"On Sunday, Taj Lands End had pianist Clara Ponty weave her magic on the ebony 'n' ivory keys... Clara's soulful music had the audience spell-bound. "

« Clara Ponty tisse sa magie sur les touches d'ivoire et d'ébène. »

Mon, 12/02/2002 - 00:00 - Review (The Times of India)

"(At a) much awaited Clara Ponty concert for music lovers in Bombay and New Delhi in December...Ponty fans got a delightful taste of her soulful pieces ranging from classics to jazz. The solo pieces, notable for their excellent use of counterpoint, were seamlessly blending classical, contemporary jazz, pop and African rhythms."

Sat, 10/30/1999 - 00:00 - Review (New Age Retailer)

"With her piano as the centerpiece of her impressionistic style, Ponty is surrounded by the occasional subtle shadings of synthesizers, flutes, guitar, cello, syncopated tables, chimes, and unobtrusive percussion..."The Embrace" is an album abundant with evocative images."

« Le piano de Clara est au coeur de son style impressionniste, nuancé par l'utilisation ponctuelle de synthétiseurs, flûtes, guitare, violoncelle, tablas, carillons, sur fond de percussions... L'album « The Embrace » foisonne d'images évocatrices.»


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